Brand New Product!


Dog Treats

with Superfoods

It's time to shake up dog treats...

Academic research shows that beef, dairy, chicken and wheat are the most common causes of allergic reactions in dogs, so we've used high quality mono-protein from insects to create a hypoallergenic dog treat.

Pet owners are increasingly treating their dogs like people. As a result they want cleaner ingredients and food that aligns with their own demands such as gluten free, low in grains and high in nutrient value.

People are increasingly conscious of the environmental footprint of themselves and their pets. They are looking for products that have reduced negative impact on the planet

Key Features

Healthy fats

Topromote gut health


To protect and enhance general health

Amino acids

For immune system support

Ingredients you recognise and nothing else...

Veges you'd eat yourself

Carrot, pumpkin, spinach 

Insect Protein

High quality insect protein fed on veges that would otherwise go to landfill


Flaxseed, sunflower seeds, papaya, coconut oil, Psyllium Husk,  and turmeric 

No gluten, wheat, grain, fillers, colours, or other sh*t 


Our Recommended Retail pricing for our

75g pack is $9.99 (inc GST).

Our wholesale price to retailers is $5.21 (ex GST) per unit.

Cartons of 30 units can be bought for $156.30 (ex GST).
Cartons of 100 units can be bought for $521,00 (ex GST).

Ordering in larger cartons saves you money on shipping. 

We pre-sold a large portion of our first order so get in quickly to secure your treats. 

Our Environmental Pawprint

Carbon Pawprint

Insects emit lower levels of greenhouse gases and ammonia

Land & Water

Less land and water use is required to raise insects


Insects require fewer inputs such as food for the same amount of protein output. 


Scientists, Vets and even the BBC are onboard with insects

The BBC said "Insect-based food is better for pets than top steak"

The British Veterinary Association encourages people to use insect based foods for their nutritional and environmental benefit

Insects need no fertiliser or pesticides and produce very low emissions.
Insects are rich in several microminerals such as copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, selenium and zinc

Insect fats contain lauric acid, which is known to support dog health

Protein from beef requires 8–14 times as much land and approximately 5 times as much water compared to insects

We've been validating consumer demand over the last 6 months to ensure that you're buying into a treat that will fly off the shelves. 

We started by looking at overseas trends to validate that people were indeed interested in feeding an insect based treat to their pets. We found plenty of evidence in Europe and the USA of successful brand launches in the last couple of years. 
Next we got out and talked to people. We found that over 72% of dog owners said they were willing to feed an insect based treat to their dog. 
Confident that people were interested, we wanted to test their actual actions, not just their intentions. We set up a temporary store, ran Facebook ads to generate traffic and measured how many people clicked our buy button. We found our conversation was better than average so moved to the next stage. 
We've been taste testing the treats with a small group of friends of Little Green Dog. We wanted to be sure that people would happily feed insect treats to their dogs and make sure we had a formulation that is delicious to dogs. 

How are the insects grown?

Our insect protein is grown in a state of the art facility in Malaysia.

Our factory feeds waste plant material to the insects which means waste is diverted from landfill and they are only fed high quality food.

Our team works with world-leading animal geneticists and microbiologists to deliver the best strains of insects and microbes for each waste material.

The protein is produced by gently and minimally processing our sustainably farmed insects to retain their natural goodness.

The process is designed to create a balanced nutritional profile, amino acid composition, palatability and hypo-allergenicity while ensuring full traceability and safety

Technical details

Ingredients: Hermetia Illucens (Insect protein), carrot, pumpkin, spinach, flaxseed, sunflower seeds, papaya, coconut oil Psyllium Husk, and turmeric
Not a complete food. Not for human consumption.
Manufactured in Malaysia