About Us

Little Green Dog grew out of a desire to make the Earth just a bit better.

Sven | The Little Green Dog


Meet Sven, the OG Little Green Dog. Sven’s a six-ish year old Shepherd/Lab/Husky rescue from the United States. Since day one, I’ve been buying biodegradable poop bags, thinking I was being green. For years I had been buying big name biodegradable poop bags, thinking I was being green. But when I started looking into what ‘biodegradable’ actually meant, I realised that something didn’t add up and that not all eco poop bags were created equal!

Long story short: most of those ‘biodegradable’ poop bags you see on shelves aren’t environmentally friendly at all. (Want an in-depth rundown of why not? Head here.)

Now me; I'm Todd, the founder of Little Green Dog and Sven's dad (not biological).


I felt ripped off by all those bags I'd bought thinking I was doing the right thing. I saw an opportunity to provide New Zealand dog owners with a truly green alternative: fully biodegradable, 100%-home compostable, plant-derived poop bags. And Little Green Dog was born!

Now, all of us eco-minded Kiwis can treat our planet the same way we treat our pups — like one of the family.