About Us

Little Green Dog grew out of a desire to make the Earth a better place.

Chris, Kerina and their daughter, have always loved animals, and when they got their latest dog, Chloe, they quickly realised that they needed a more eco-friendly way to clean up after her. They soon discovered that there were no biodegradable or compostable dog poop bags on the market that met their needs, so they decided to get into business making them.

As a family, it’s really important to us to be looking after the earth for future generations, and as parents to lead by example.

Long story short: most of those ‘biodegradable’ poop bags you see on shelves, aren’t environmentally friendly at all. (Want an in-depth rundown of why not? Head here.)

When Little Green Dog started, it was just a small side business, but as word spread about the high-quality home-compostable bags, demand grew. Now we’re stocked in over 90 stores across Aotearoa. 

Thanks to all the people who buy Little Green Dog poop bags, the world is a little bit cleaner and a lot more sustainable!

Chloe, our Little Green Dog